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Prices Include Global Shipping
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Prices Include Global Shipping!
All prices listed (for registered users) include free door-to-door shipping, from our office in Tainan, Taiwan to YOUR address, anywhere normal postal services can reach. We've taken the shipping challenge out of international ordering by offering the most efficient shipping services for small air-freight cargo coverage.

EMS Express Shipping1933key Standard Product Shipping

Our advertised prices include EMS Express door-to-door shipping services. Taiwan's postal system is one of the most efficient in all of Asia, and provides an online tracking system for all parcels for all destinations.

When parcels have entered the destination country, EMS continues to track parcels, but in many cases, local online postal services offer even more detailed tracking results.

We help our customers relax, knowing that the prices listed represent the total cost to have the product delivered to you door.

There MAY be some external charges NOT covered by 1933key however:

External Charges, Exceptions

Some additional fees may apply however, depending on some selections some customers choose. Below are some external charges and exceptions.

Payment Methods, Approximate Fees and Lead Times

Telegraphic Transfers (T/T):
International Money Transfers

T/T is a method of prepayment or advance payment used in international or domestic transactions where the buyer/importer pays the seller in advance before receiving goods or services. T/T fees vary per bank, and are NOT included in unit or carton prices. Some banks are inclined to deduct additional inter-bank service fees from the actual transfer amount if customers do not specifically pay bank fees separately. We will release products for shipping when the full product amount is received.

It is strongly recommended customers confirm with their bank at the time of T/T that the complete purchase amount will be transferred for payment.

Your Fees: At you bank, fees range anywhere from US$10 (some online banking systems) to US$45.

Payment Lead time: Typically 3 working days for funds to be received. All orders are processed when funds are received in full.

Total Lead Time: 3 working days $ T/T + 7~12 days shipping
  = 10 ~ 15 days after submitting your payment.

How, Where: Unless you have an existing online TT banking system, you'll need to visit your bank and fill out a Telegraphic Transfer for to wire funds internationally. We will supply you with our beneficiary details (our banking account, routing codes, etc.) if you select this method. 

See also: How to Wire Money Into a Bank Account



Western Union Transfers:

Western Union payments
Western Union agents are located throughout the world, and in theory funds submitted in one country are available for pickup in another country on the other side of the world within one hour. That's fast. Of course who sits around a bank all day waiting? We calculate one working day (non-Taiwan holidays) for pickup.

Your Fees: Please check your local agent for current fees.

Payment Lead time: After the payment is submitted to Western Union, we collect the funds with one working day. All orders are processed when funds are received in full.

Total Lead Time: 1 day $ transfer + 7~12 days shipping
  = 8 ~ 13 days after submitting your payment.

How, Where: You need to contact your local Western Union agent for instructions where and when to submit your payment.

We'll provide you with the Western Union details, and after the payment is submitted, you'll send us the confirmation code and your details that match the submission form. The next working daywe will collect the funds and confirm to you that the order is being processed and when to expect your new product.


PayPal (Private) Transfers:
No PayPal

We recently tried accepting PayPal payments internationally. The very first test proved disastrous for the customer, and in turn for us as well.  We can simply Thank G - d for helping us get out of PayPal quick enough with a clean record, and help our customer get 'most' of their money back (customer agreed we should finally stop fighting PayPal about their mysterious fees that depleted the actual funds).

In that first (and last) PayPal transfer test, PayPal proved to be an unreliable hassle-prone payment method. Not only did PayPal mysteriously extract a percentage of the customer's money, and two weeks were needlessly wasted hoping PayPal was sincerely in business to help buyers and sellers, but resolving their internal problems to complete a payment transfer resulted in a long string of attempts laying blame in every direction except inwards - where the evidence clearly points.

The test case in total includes over 40 pages of emails proving PayPal's ineptness and irresponsibility, as well as negligence and probably a few other criminal bait-hook-steal financial activities. We are considering making these pages open to the public, as a caution to others who have been trapped in PayPal's nightmare of consistent ineptness and negligence. Please write us if you would like to view the case history online. We've removed private names and private emails, and we're deciding if we leave PayPal exposed to public scrutiny.

PayPal advertises and appears to offer efficient money transfers between PayPal accounts for "free" (or just a small profit). PayPal obviously profits from larger, mysteriously unexplained fees, taken from seller's accounts once a payment is received from a buyer, and even more profit is extracted when seller attempts to remove the funds (and at PayPal's favorable exchange rates).

Hats off to PayPal however, for creating a well-advertised online financial bubble between account members. It does look attractive to merchants who have products to sell. But woe to those merchants counting on removing funds from PayPal. If you have a balance in PayPal and you ship products with the product payment still in PayPal's control, be careful to get the delivery signature, and keep a photograph of the product as it shipped (clear shipping label and all). We wish you the best if you're convinced PayPal is good to you. But we - now from experience - strongly discourage you from trusting PayPal with your money.


Alternate Shipping Methods

UPS Worldwide Express Shipping:

UPS Worldwide Express
We also offer UPS Express shipping prices for customers who desire to pay higher rates for faster deliveries. We can look into adding the price differences online should the demand present itself.

Please contact us is you prefer to consider UPS shipping rates, telling us what models and quantities are you considering, and what is the destination address.



DHL Shipping:

At many customer requests, we have compared DHL prices against UPS and Fed-Ex, shipping many varieties of large and small cargo, multiple measurement and weight combinations, and of course different country destinations. Because DHL is consistently far too expensive, we can not recommend this option.



Your Own Shipping Option:

Of course if you desire to use your own carrier/forwarder to handle your shipping needs, you'll need a special quotation from us. Just let us know what country(ies), models and expected quantities you are considering and we'll prepare a quote for you.

Existing online distributors with experience in surveillance equipment should expect the best discounted prices. 

We look forward to your inquiry.



Final Note:

We strive to actively engage in systems to protect our customers, and we sincerely value any feedback or comments about how to provide you better service.
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