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Wireless Spy Signal Detectors
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1933key Wireless Surveillance Detectors
While surveillance technology equipment such as radio frequency bugging microphones and wireless cameras become increasingly affordable, many concerned citizens are wishing to arm themselves with the tools necessary to detect such intrusions.

1933key's wireless signal detectors identify audio, video and body bug surveillance devices. To protect offices and conference rooms against wireless corporate espionage, 1933key's detectors assist users to confidently locate wireless security breaches. For personal privacy, 1933key detectors are employed to detect hidden wireless microphones and cameras in hotels, motels, board rooms, club houses, shopping mall restrooms and dressing rooms, school restrooms, and locker rooms.
A wireless camera detector, about the size of a cigarette lighter, is small enough to carry in your pocket or purse. It only needs to be switched on and slowly waved or pointed in various directions. You can walk through your home with it, bring it shopping and use it when you step into a changing stall or restroom, or switch it on anywhere else you expect a high degree of privacy. The detector will quickly confirm your trust or alert you that an intrusive wireless camera is watching.

Some wireless camera detectors also locate audio bug devices. Generally these units scan a wider array of frequencies starting in the 2MHz -- 10MHz range, up to 3GHz. More expensive models feature locating technology to guide you to the position of the hidden camera or bug.

As miniaturized spy technologies have become affordable and proliferated, potentially compromising security and privacy, counter technology continues to move forward as well. Wireless camera detectors, bug detectors and cell phone detectors are all examples of this growing industry."

Article: What is a Wireless Camera Detector?

Additional Applications for 1933key Wireless Surveillance Detectors:

  • Helps hospitals, medical centers, intensive care units, and other restricted offices locate forbidden wireless (cellular and RF) operations
  • Helps find the best signal spots for wireless CCTV and wireless LAN operations

 1933key's Range of Wireless Spy Signal Detectors:


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